Late Mr. Prabhudas Hirji Thakkar (Prabhuji) laid the Foundation of Prabhu Hira Ice and Cold Storage Ltd when the Concept of Storing, Preserving and Refrigerating of Perishable Seasonal Food Items was still a distant dream.

Prabhuji had a Vision set forth that was Crystal Clear and later worked hard to achieve his Dreams and Goals by being one of the Pioneers in the Cold Storage Industry in the year 1979.

He believed in Simple Living and High Thinking. He was a Man of Principles and the same is now being carried forward by his Sons and will still continue in the generations to come.

Prabhuji believed that the Almighty played a Major and a Supreme Role in his life and so at one point of time he renounced the world and took Sanyas in the year 1994 to achieve his spiritual goal. His Samadhi is placed in the temple built in the premises of the cold storage and it’s a symbol of faith, belief and community feeling.