Prabhu Hira is glad to announce its latest expansion in collaboration with Aastha Group by taking over HPMC’s Cold Storage Unit of 11,000sq.m that is situated bang opposite to Prabhu Hira Ice & Cold Storage Ltd to mark a new beginning in the business of Cold Storage. Prabhu Hira from 1st June 2014 is all set to open the gates of both its units for its clients to store their goods in almost 52 Chambers with temperatures right up to -23*C. The new expansion storage area is of approx. 5,00,000 cubic feet to the already existing capacity of 3,00,000 cubic feet i.e. a total of approx. 8,00,000 cubic feet. Not only this, Prabhu Hira shall now have the facility of managing 30 Containers at a given point of time.

Prabhu Hira Ice and Cold Storage Ltd have enhanced its expertise keeping in mind the current market trends and requirements. Some of which are listed below:-

  • • 24 hours electricity in addition to generator back up.
  • • 24 hours water supply.
  • • Packing, labeling, repacking, grading and storage.
  • • 52 chambers including the existing 23 chambers ranging from 8000 cubic ft to 23000 cubic ft, with the total storage area of approx. 8,00,000 Cubic ft maintaining temperatures up to -23*C.
  • • Special separate Puff Insulated rooms for storage of different fruits and vegetables specially apples, grapes , kiwis, exotic fruits , dry fruits, pulses, grains etc, which require special care and maintaining temperature , humidity and all parameters as may be required for storage of any particular item.
  • • A dry Warehouse of 75,000 thousand Square ft which is phenomenal in the field of Cold Storage.
  • • Skilled team of in-house labours working round the clock 24x7.
  • • Open 24x7 throughout the year for loading /unloading / container stuffing, packing, storing, warehousing etc.
  • • Special automatic temperature monitoring system which can monitor temperature of all rooms throughout the year.
  • • 30 Containers can be managed at a given point of time.
  • • Multi chambers, Multi temperatures and Multi Product Cold Storage.
  • • Specially developed computerized inventory system handling inward/outward of stocks.
  • • An SMS/and E-Mail facility which is sent to all clients giving all required details as soon as any consignment arrives or is dispatched from the premises.
  • • Online login facility provided for our clients by which they can view their stocks online from anywhere in the world protected by an individual password for each client.
  • • 24 hrs securities backed with CCTV cameras installed all around the premises for security surveillance.
  • • We also provide space for warehousing, packing, labeling, grading for fruits and vegetables for exporters, importers, traders, distributers & local market clients.
  • • Transport and freight clearing facilities can be arranged for clients as per their requirements.
  • • Packers for fruits and vegetables can be arranged at any point of time.
  • • Experienced and well qualified staff having friendly attitude.
  • • Pack House approved by APEDA is on its way and expected to be ready within the coming 2 months as per the rules and norms specially designed for exporters to export in European and Gulf Countries and also to rest of the world.
  • • Prabhu Hira is also on its way to launch shortly its own Logistics to provide comfort and ease to its clients.

All in all, Prabhu Hira Ice and Cold Storage Ltd is a ONE STOP SHOP for Exporters, Importers and Traders who would want to stock or store their Valuable goods in a Safe, Secure, Hygienic and Protected Environment without having any fear of Misuse or Depletion or Deteriorating of its Valuables.